An Article in the Indian Heart Journal

Tom’s review of research findings on the health risks related to higher birth weight, rapid growth, early maturation and taller stature was recently published in the Women’s Health Bulletin. See: Samaras TT. Health risks of higher birth weight, rapid growth, early maturation and taller height. Women’s Health Bulletin. 2015 July; 2(3):e26805

Shorter height is related to lower cardiovascular disease risk – A narrative review

Over 30 studies from various parts of the world are provided that that show no or little coronary heart disease among native short populations, such as Solomon and Cook islands, Papua New Guinea, Kalarhari bushmen, and Congo pygmies. Additional evidence is provided based no populations in US mainland and Hawaii, China, India, Sweden, Sardinia, and Japan.

Several biological mechanisms are discussed to explain why shorter people following plant-based diets have potentially lower coronary heart disease. These include longer telomeres, lower blood pressure, more efficient heart pumping, lower DNA damage, and a much improved risk factors, such as lower cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, C-reactive protein, and Apolipoprotein B.

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