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The book has been reviewed by a number of journals. Reviewer comments are given below:

  • SM Marson, University of North Carolina, Department of Social Work, in Public Health Nutrition (Cambridge University Press), 2009, 12, 1299-1300.

"Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling is an outstanding and revelatory book."

"It is quite extraordinary to discover a book with such a wide range of potential professional readerships."

"The writing style and content is written for those with specialties in both the natural and social sciences. This has been a Herculean task, and Thomas Samaras has succeeded."

"Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling is an important multi-disciplinary work that goes beyond public health and nutrition professionals. I recommend this volume for every academic library."

"Professional policy makers should have access to and read this volume. Thomas Samaras's work should inspire legislators. In addition, college educated citizens who have a general interest in the earth ecology will want to read it.  For them, most public libraries should acquire it."

  • D. Labadarios, Professor, SAJCN, Editor's Note: S Afr J Clin. Nutr, 2009, 22 (4), 167.

“….Samaras' acclaimed book, provides new insights on human body size, challenges current recommendations for growth and height, argues on the basis of some credible evidence that Western diseases, the primary cause of later-life mortality, correlate with changes in nutrition, lifestyle and increasing body size….”