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  • JCK Wells, University College London, Institute of Child Health, in Economics and Human Biology, 2008, 6: 489-491:

"This book is packed with ideas, and I challenge any reader working within the field of human growth to read even one chapter without achieving new insights into their area of expertise."

"...I thoroughly enjoyed reading the chapters, and was rewarded with a range of novel points, new perspectives and the kind of facts that one continues mulling over for some time afterwards."

"I strongly recommend the book to academics across a wide range of disciplines and suspect that many will find themselves challenging their long-held views about the association between growth and health."

  • D. Pyne, Dept of Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport. BMJ Group Blogs: British Journal of Sports Medicine, 8 Oct, 2008

"Is the substantial increase in human height and weight over the last century a positive development for society and individuals within society in terms of physical performance, health and longevity? If this question generates a personal interest then this book on human body size is worth finding."

"There are also useful insights into the obesity epidemic that now challenges practitioners and policymakers around the world."

"This public health issue has seemingly arisen quickly over the last decade or two and the underlying experimental and epidemiological work discussed in the book is pertinent and well-received."