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  • Robert Arking, Biological Sciences, Wayne State University, in The Gerontologist, 2008, 48: 549-553:

"He [Samaras] has brought together much disparate data into an interesting and useful whole." p. 552

"This book marshals and examines the available data to reach some extraordinary conclusions." p. 552

"He [Samaras] carefully sorts out and analyzes the often conflicting data relating BMI to disease and/or longevity, pointing out a bevy of confounding variables, and drawing considered opinions on what they all mean." p. 552

  • DE Sandberg, Pediatrics, University of Michigan Medical School in The Quarterly Review of Biology, June 2008, p 213:

" Would parents of short, but otherwise healthy, children be as inclined to risk the potential long-term health risks of long-term treatment with pharmacological doses of rhGH if they were apprised of the perspective outlined in this book?"

  • Community Health Care Library, May 4, 2007:

"...the ideas and research in this book [are] quite fascinating."

  • Leonid Gavrilov, Center on Aging, University of Chicago, 2008

"This book provides the most comprehensive coverage available of the human body and its relation to a variety of extrinsic and intrinsic factors."