"The Truth about Your Height"

The thruth about your height" The Truth About Your Height - Exploring the Myths and Realities of Human Size and its effects on Health, Performance, Pollution and Survival", 1994

This book is written for the general reader of scientific books. It provides an overview of how growth and height are  related to nutrition, physical performance, health, intelligence, pollution, resource consumption and the environment. It also covers the economic benefits of avoiding increased body size.

Some comments on the book follow:

“.....the book’s content is based upon novel principles and concepts that are sound and, moreover, substantiated with data that have been well-researched by the author.”Dr. Benjamin H.Alexander, organic chemist and former University President and US Deputy Secretary of Education.

“Samaras has applied the fundamental principles fo physics to the mechanics of the human body to draw profound conclusions regarding size and body functions and their consequences for the world around us.” – Dr. Richard C. Puetter, research physicist, University of California,San Diego.

“A much needed book covering a neglected subject. Samaras has done extensive and
careful research on human size and provides us with important insights and findings on human height and its impact on the world. This book should change the thinking of many people on long held misconceptions about human height.
Dr. Lowell H. Storms, Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego.